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Studio music

What do you listen to in the studio.
Generally I lilke stuff with no lyrics as that is distracting. I been searching  around the Post Rock stuff and find some suitable material. I will make a suggestion but unable to post links at this time.
BLACKHILL is the name of music project.
It is chill music but does not induce coma. Two albums are....Blaclhill and Cousin SIlas ROaming THrough Teesdale.
And BlackHill and SIlent Island.
Thanks for recommendation


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    Bach for musical bedrock, Beethoven for heroic inspriation, Chopin for sheer poetic beauty, Debussy for musical lyricism, charm and sheer inventiveness ... There are so many more that I love but these composers are my staple listening diet in the studio. In music I'm old fashioned.  And I, too, find lyrics distracting so no opera.  :)
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    Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven Symphonies and Willie Nelson in the prep and early stages. Pavarotti, Three Tenors, Chopin, Benny Goodman and Woody Herman for after the canvas is covered. I listen to Mark Carder's soothing voice and get reminded of important points while I'm painting in details. Then ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith to help me maintain the abstraction in the background or for when I'm priming and staining canvases. I also listen to MC when I'm mixing my strings. 

    Music and talk can be bad distractions. I don't recommend listening to talk radio or random songs but if you like music in the background make it something you are completely familiar with. In my case, I've been listening to my music for at least forty to over sixty-five years. Some artists like complete silence or white noise and recordings of things like rain or trickling water. I like that too but that increases my trips to the john.
  • Crash Test Dummies God Shuffled His Feet is my newest find. Great and hilarious album.

    Joni Mitchell Miles of Aisles is another one that gets played often
  • I like Jon Hopkins, electronic. Album: Immunity lol.
  • I generally paint without music, just the hum of my air purifier that happens to be in my office. I keep meaning to put some on but always forget. @Tramontane If you're looking for good instrumental rock-ish music I would recommend Mogwai. The Hawk is Howling is a good album to start with.
  • Chill out dance type music works for me :)
  • Folks

    These chill instrumentals are perfect for creative drawing and painting.


    some acoustic spanish of the classics of your youth....


  • Sometimes NPR radio station.
    other times a mix of things Tangerine Dream “Stratosphere “ or Ottmar Liebert if I don’t want lyrics.  Linda Ronstadt, Graham Nash or Gram Parsons or Rock music.
    And a lot of the time no music or radio at all when I am really absorbed with what I’m working on.
  • GTO said:
    Sometimes NPR radio station.
    other times a mix of things Tangerine Dream “Stratosphere “ or Ottmar Liebert if I don’t want lyrics.  Linda Ronstadt, Graham Nash or Gram Parsons or Rock music.
    And a lot of the time no music or radio at all when I am really absorbed with what I’m working on.
     I am familiar with ottmar leibert and tandream. At times it seems the best music is when ya realize it stopped playing  half hour ago. The post rock stuff is throw away music....aftet about a week its contents worn thin...and its computerized drum beats

  • Folks

    This post rock music well deserves the 2.3m views. Enjoy.

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    Amazing. I like this a lot.  A big, rich and complex sound on just one instrument plus voices. There are parallels in classical piano music such as Robert Schumann's Études Symphoniques, Op. 13 which is played on just one piano by just one player and achieves something like full orchestral richness and breadth. So even more amazing.  :)
  • oh great! So much really good music, last week I ran out of ideas what I could listen to while creating. I even lost my inspiration for this reason, and now, all your recommendations are so good. Thank you.
  • @Richard_P Plaid's Tekkonkinreet album amongst other Plaid albums does the trick for me, enjoy☺
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    Something completely different that I discovered that works for me, "NASA Voyager I & II Space Sounds", listening under very good headphones (not earbuds). I find these great for inspiration, a sense of spaciousness, calmness & stillness, wonder, clarity & focus and peace. I rarely feel tired, distracted or bored while listening. These are so "non linear" and organic, completely different than anything else available, with fantastic 3D sound. No patterns to get into a loop with and no earworms. Sometimes I'm feeling weightlessness and a sense of infinity?, this is new. I find these good for mind expanding experiences and exercising it, lol!
     To get the most from good speakers, it works to place them close to me, one on each side.

    Can you imagine feeling, sensing what it is like to circle the earth in our atmosphere for 20:00 minutes? And there are other planets and moons in the collection to explore. These are fitting and appropriate for the 21st century.
  • I have been playing a lot of hiatus koyote in low volume lately :) It has a spunk that agrees with my working self
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