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please help me choose a graphic tablet


Hi, I'm looking foward to buy one of these 3 graphic tablets but I don't know wich one. The main use will be for drawing.

All of this 3 have **8192** pressure levels, **FULL HD**, **16.7M** colors, **5080 LPI** (Lines per Inch)

**Gaomon PD2200 21.5"**

This one is around **370€**

It has 8 prommagable keys

The color gamut is 92% (NTSC)

The report time is **25 ms** (I don't know if this is too much)

It has a pen tilt detection of 60º

266 RPS

**XP-PEN Artist22 21.5"**

This one is also around **370€**

It doesn't have prommagable keys

The color gamut is 77% -82% (Adobe RGB Color)

The report time is **14 ms**

266 RPS

**Huion GT220 v2 21'5"**

This one is the most expensive at around **400€**

It doesn't have prommagable keys

The color gamut is 100% (sRGB)

The report time is **5 ms**

233 RPS


  • yolaspinto

    Welcome to the Forum

    This brand gets the best reviews:

  • I have used various drawing tablets and screens over the years. My current 15" notebook with a digitizing  screen is cracked so I need something to replace it. Rather than getting just a drawing tablet screen that plugs into a computer or perhaps an Android or Ipad which really aren't much better than a phone when it comes to computing power, I am planning on getting another Windows based touch screen notebook that will run the full versions of various apps that I know and use daily like Photoshop, ArtRage, Lightroom, Gimp and Inkscape, plus daily productive stuff such as word processing, spreadsheets and more. I am leaning towards the Microsoft Surface Book and will probably buy a used one with at least a 90 day warranty.  A bit more money than a dedicated tablet, starting at $475. If want a larger display I can just plug in a 4K TV or a bigger monitor into the HDMI port.  Unless you need to actually draw with the stylus on a bigger display, a 13.5" to 15" screen has been big enough for me.  

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