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Adjustable mahl-bar

After posting the photo of the adjustable mahl stick that I made, I realized that the original photo was a little confusing.  In an attempt to correct that I have attached some additional photos that I hope make the function of my alternative mahl stick clearer which I will call an “adjustable mahl-bar.”

Here, my “adjustable mahl-bar” is positioned near the top of the painting. In this photo the top of the easel is lowered to secure the top of the painting.

In this photo, the top of the easel has been raised allowing me to also raise the bottom of the easel in order to raise the painting if need be. 

The adjustable mahl-bar can also be set at an angle if needed. 

The above photo shows my brush in hand while resting on the adjustable mahl-bar near the top of the painting. 

This final photo depicts the adjustable mahl-bar (AMB) lowered near the bottom of the painting while my hand holding the brush is again resting on the AMB.  

I hope that these photos better depict how my AMB works.  The total cost to make this was just around $50.00 and can be made using a drill and a hand saw. 

Below is a screen shot of the order information from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware which indicates the parts I used, their SKU numbers their cost and Rockler’s phone number.  I placed the order on March 29 and received the parts 4 days later. They are really fast on getting parts delivered. 

I probably would not have made this AMB had I not been bored out of my mind with this COVID-19 mess, so this is one good thing to have come out of it.  I hope all of my other fellow Draw Mix Paint artists are doing well, are healthy and continuing to work on their art!!



  • Very ingenious solution.  For anyone interested in a low-tech, less expensive solution, see my mahlstick prop in the "Mahl Stick" forum thread. 

        6" x 7" piece of 1/8" hardboard                                $0.00 (from my scrap box)
        2 bar clamps, 4" (Harbor Freight)               about    $4.00
        optional flat black spray can (Amazon)       about    $4.00 (optional)
                                                             total        $4.00 - $8.00

    plus (if you need a matching mahl stick):

        3/8" O.D. x 36" brass tube (Ace Hardware)  about   $5.00

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