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Portrait of my cousin

Hi: I have taken up drawing again after 4 decades (started at age 8 and continued for a year), so I am trying to catch up in some ways so to speak. Faces, moods and expressions fascinate me so I have been drawing many family members and this is one of them. I mainly use pencils (charcoal and graphite) with occasional adventures into pencil pastel. I have no formal training and I just draw what I see. Unfortunately, I dont have the room/space for oil which I would love to do.

This one was done freehand using Prismacolor graphite pencils F, H, 2B, 6B. My cousin is very happy with it and it is accurate, but I dont know what to make of it. I can see some shading adjustments that are possible. (Apologies I dont have a photo of this for comparison). I have done others where I try to retain a touch of impressionism. I am beginning to understand the "curse" that Mark often talks about.

I am yet to use grids or PDs as I find sight sizing (image is life size) estimates adequate. I might get the PD just to get it exactly right consistently to compare other drawings as this one was very close as far as proportions go.

L_1.jpg 15.5M


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