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new to this forum

Hello, I am new on the Draw Mix Paint Forum block. I saw Kirk’s recent post and was inspired to introduce myself too, as we seem to have a bit in common.  I was also a graphic artist in my past career. I spent 18 years as art director and creative director for a firm in Ohio. Switched careers for…well...its a long story. I'm now a Physician Assistant (Yep. That happened: I transitioned from using the right hemisphere of my brain to predominantly using the left. Believe it or not it worked out great. Art and science meld well, I find). Anyway, I was starving for a tactual artistic release again and found Mark’s on-line classes about a year ago. His teaching approach is unique and appealed to me. Its taken me THIS LONG (!) to get-it-together to actually even think about painting a subject. I FINALLY have taken a still-life photo that I like…well, I think I'm happy with it, and plan to paint soon. I just need to order a custom size canvas. Any suggestions on places to buy canvas? i was looking at Jerry’s Artarama?
I’m Happy to be able to join an artistic community, again. We all need that, community, I mean, right about now. Hello everyone! Hope you are all well!


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