Oil on paper

Playing around with a circle composition. Saving up to buy a 24inch circle panel! This is oil on paper which was fun to play around with.



  • JessicaArt

    Is the paper coated or treated ?


  • Beautiful! I Love the way the horse fits in the circle - it's like yin and yang. :)
  • If you're interested in painting oil on paper, you might review the art site of Cesar Santos . . . https://www.santocesar.com/.   His site has several videos in which he talks about the oil paintings in his sketchbooks.  

  • @tassieguy nope, just on watercolor paper... Thanks @tassieguy !
  • What kind of paper did you use to draw? I am using UCreate watercolor paper, but it's not good. It does not hold water and warps to form puddles and is very difficult to apply wet on wet techniques.
  • Really beautiful composition! 
  • Nice pic.  Great job with the mane.   Arched necks fit circles well, don't they? Made for the shape.

    I have been playing with oil on paper of late.
    If you look at some of the ones I have posted in the last few months, I have done them on watercolour paper with two or three layers of gesso over it.  

    Reeves 300g
    Uniti platinum series 200g
    Bockingford 200g

    The Bockingford came from a specialized art supply store and was the dearest.   I like it the least.  It is really floppy, even with the gesso.

    the Uniti was OK.    Smoother to paint on than the Reeves.   Stiffer than the Bockingford.

    Reeves is good stiff paper.    A bit rough and I did sand a couple between layers of gesso.   It curls terribly if you only gesso one side.   Much better to gesso the back as well to prevent this.    Putting weights on helps short term if you leave the back clear, but eventually it will curl again.

    I am looking forward to viewing the link @broker12 put up.   I have had fun experimenting with  watercolour effects in oils and thinners.  I also discovered you can remove much of the pigment with acetone if you mess it up, which is a bonus.   I have taken to putting cotton wool on a stick the way an art restorer would, when using the acetone.     The odd time, I have removed paint from a large section, put more gesso over it and repainted in oils.    I will be interested to see how they react over time.

    14-15 years ago (I think)  I did some oil on paper with no gesso.     The oil seeped through to the back of the paper over time.     They are still stable at this stage, but am sure over the next 15 to 50 years, the paper will begin to deteriorate.
  • @JessicaArt – great image! I oil paint on paper, but I use Arches oil paper made for oil paint. I also apply a layer of acrylic ground on it for extra precaution, even though many would say its unnecessary.

    PS – why did you choose to not continue the dark red to the left of the horse’s head? 

  • Wow!  I really like this!  It's really beautiful to see a white horse.  

    A suggestion is to do a few matching ones?  Maybe a dappled grey one and then a black one or whatever suits your fancy?  You can have the horses' heads facing slightly different ways for each painting.

    This is a delightful little painting.
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