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Studio Lighting

 Hello fellow artists . I’m still in the long process of putting together a working, efficient art studio . I just acquired a couple of LED shop lights , but the total number of lumens exceeds 8000 . So should I use a light meter to read the lumens that my LED lights puts out ? And if the number is too high can I use a dimmer switch to dial it in ? Thank for any advice you can give me . 


  • 2tenor_horns

    Trust the rated output. Unless you think the units are faulty.

    I think you will need four of these light units. 8000 lumens sounds like a lot, but at 4 ft from light to easel gets 480 or 320 at 5 ft. This is about as bright as a good desk lamp. Aim for 800 to 1000 lumens on the canvas, palette and colour checker.

    The other important measure is the colour temperature which needs to be 5000k anything less is too yellow and will throw off your colour perception.

  • Hi Denis , thank for the heads up on the colour temp. Do you use a light meter to really dial things in ?
  • dencaldencal -
    edited April 8
    Yes, I do use light meters. A battery operated device and a light meter app for iPad. Good for checking light levels across a large canvas and balancing shadow box light.


  • Thank you for your help Denis .
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