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Any ideas about digital marketing? So that we can use it in lockdown time?

Dear all, please give some innovative ideas for digital marketing for artists. Also please let me know how you are bringing discipline in daily routine during this lockdown period.


  • @Dipali, there is a discussion on selling crypto-art here: During this lockdown time painting is the only meaningful work I have so I don't need any other motivation. :)
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    Lately I've been jumping into painting and let my fears, worries and anxieties subside to the the background as I get into it and simply do my best to enjoy. I stay very close to what I enjoy the most, I like it most when I get to smiling and giggling at myself and just at what I am doing while I am painting. But any progress in a painting toward completion regardless, is very good. Stay safe, all the best!

     This can possibly be a time of real opportunity here to dig deeper within me and put more of myself into my painting and the process.
     We have a history of artists who created their greatest during stressful times such as these. Now it's our turn to do the same.
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    To achieve some decent level at painting (as at any other activity, btw) one have to have a serious reason that lifts him/her from couch and drags to easel every morning.

    For some people, it might be a need to provide for their families, for others, it is a way to avoid depression and suicide thoughts, for some it is realisation of close imminent death and desire to leave some memories for the loved ones, for some it is a distraction from boredom at workplace, for some it is a way to compensate for the lack of social life, for some it is a way to improve self-esteem through peer recognition.  

    All these reasons make an artist disciplined. ;)
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