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How much acrylic paint do I need?

Hi, I have never painted before but I'm going to be taking my first class online Wednesday and I bought a 12x12 canvas and I have no idea how much paint I need. All they said was that I needed acrylic paint but not how much I would need. I added a pic of the painting I chose to show what colors are on the painting. Sorry, I'm a total newbie here and know absolutely nothing about painting. I really need help please. Thank you 


  • dew

    Buy a basic set of acrylics, say a box of ten tubes. I assume you will want to paint other pictures in future.
    About 10 to 15 mls in fluid quantity will cover a 12x12, more or less depending on how much water or medium you use.


  • Thank you! I really appreciate it! 
  • @dencal, do you think she will need pthalo green or Cadmium Red? Specifically for this painting I mean?
  • BOB73

    The course materials supplied when dew signs up should advise the palette colours.


  • dencal, you would think so but they didn't. So, I just figure I'll buy something like you showed me. I didn't have time to have that shipped to me so I need to go to Walmart anyway so I'll see what they have that's similar to what you showed
  • Is there an actual art store near you, like a Michaels.  I find they are very reasonable if you download a coupon from 40-55% off.  There always seems to be a coupon. Their tube paints are pretty good, though if you buy the Michaels sets, which are very reasonably priced, you usually can't use the coupon.  However, it is better to buy a low end artist set than some set that has 24 paints in it, so there is that to consider.  This site is founded on the premise that you only need 5 colours to paint almost anything, however, you can need more for convenience, and if you have extremely vivid sunsets, flowers, or birds, etc...

    One thing you might do is google something like "bob ross paints a sunset", and see what colours he is using.  There are lots of videos to choose from.
  • Thank you for the tips TamDeal. I have a Michael's about an hour away and a Hobby Lobby 30 minutes away. After, the quaretine I'll go there and check them out 
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