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16x20 "The Renaissance Man" WIP

My 24x48 was driving me bonkers and I just needed a break from the tediousness.So i did this quickly (for me) in about 3.5 hours... a good friend of mine who's one of those guys that can do it all. He left teaching (has a doctorate in Music) to live his dream of a hop farm and brewery...the brewery has been open about a year now and then this coronavirus hit. They are having a hard time as we all are and then to add salt to the wound his uncle just passed away- from the virus.  I've been wanting to paint this photo i took of him since Christmas and figured no better time then now. Maybe it will cheer him up. Mostly done.  Have gotta finish the wording on his tshirt and a few other things. But want to keep the painting loosey goosey. 


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