Feeling stressed?

Hey everyone.  Thought I would post this because it has helped me tremendously.

If your feeling stressed just follow this short breathing meditation (a short ten minutes) and you will feel so much better.  It helped me and it will help you too.  



  • I do these almost everyday anywhere....even in office
  • I have had a cold the last two weeks and with all the news about covid I was getting really stressed out.  I was having trouble breathing (much better now) and of course my thinking went to the worst case.  I was just so stressed from all the news and needed to do something and this helped a lot.  
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    Oh, that was great. I feel so much better after doing it. I too have a cold and I've been so stressed out lately by this COVID 19 plague. Scared to go out and worried I'd catch it and getting really pissed off when I go out to the supermarket and find the shelves empty of basics.  

    I'm going to do this breathing exercise everyday. Thanks for posting it, @GTO:)
  • thanks for posting. anything to relieve stress is a good thing. but just try  to remember that this too shall pass. Here in the USA I think this closing up everything will probably save 10 to 15k deaths from car crashes. Silver Lining.
  • thank you @GTO ! Very much needed in these stressful times.

    I have been on my trip to India since Jan 2020 and am with my parents now. I wish and pray for good health and  loads of luck in these times to all my forum friends and their families. Please do take care. I haven't been able to use my laptop and connect to the forum much so I have a lot to catch up with. I haven't brought my paint supplies, just some pencils, so just practicing from books for now, but i hope everyone has a good time painting, now that most parts of the world are under lockdown. Again, take care all!
  • Thanks for the wonderful suggestion @GTO, added to my list of breath exercises to practise as needed.

    All the best @anwesha, be very careful.

    I live in a very small but very important city in relation with the world. I live and work in the heart of downtown, ordinarily very busy noisy 24/7. But at this moment most everyone is on their very best behaviour, and very quiet 24/7, similar to being in the quiet countyside. This is remarkable, even just for a moment!
  • @anwesha hope your travels are happy and safe.

    @Forgiveness it is weird to see how everything has slowed down.  
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