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Cotton or linen canvas

Hey guys! First time posting here and I would like to ask if anyone knows if there is a different between linen and cotton when it comes to value of the painting. Are the galleries value the paintings also by the surface it made or they dont care about it? 

Thank you ! 


  • CJDCJD -
    edited March 15
    Linen is generally much better quality. If longevity is a concern, avoid cotton.

    I recommend joining the Painting Best Practices and Traditional Oil Painting facebook groups. These two groups are focused on materials and are the best sources of info out there on materials in my opinion. Read every post for a year and you'll be amazed at how much your knowledge has increased. There is information shared in that group daily that is accurate, important to painters who care about materials, and is something most artists never even hear about.

    Also read all of the Just Paint (Golden) articles that cover topics like painting surfaces, how to stretch canvas properly, how to use their materials properly (such as their acrylic gesso), pigments, and so on. Golden's website and blog is a great and credible source of info.

    Anyway, if you're going to paint on linen make sure it's either stretched properly and primed properly, ideally glued to a rigid panel like ACM. Avoid pre-primed oil primed stuff that contains zinc, such as the kind Marc Carder uses and recommends. If you use zinc-oil primed stretched canvas your paintings are guaranteed to crack and fall apart over time.

    Another alternative is to just paint directly on primed ACM/dibond. Google it and join the FB groups for more info.

    Good luck!

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