Color printers

Mark suggest using an Epson P600 inkjet 13"-wide printer (about $700 from Amazon, about $330 for a set of 9 ink cartridges).  Does anyone know of an 8" printer of comparable print quality with reasonably priced ink?  I'm willing to tape together a number of smaller prints when I need something larger.

Also, what has been your experience with ink drying out in the printer?  I expect to be using the printer only intermittently with weeks of non-use in between.


  • I agree with Mark that the Epson P600 is a great printer, but for smaller formats, I have had very good experiences with Canon photo printers.

    But today I don't own a photo printer. I have found it much more cost-effective to use a local retailer like Staples or Walmart that does good photo prints fairly cheap, and at virtually any size I want.
  • You are only going to need a couple dozen prints. That's a guess, but there will come a point where your eye can judge color well enough to skip the print and just paint from reference or from life. I don't think it's worth getting a printer, and I agree with @Ajoe. Staples charges me $4 - $5 to print and laminate a 17" photograph. A printer is just not cost effective.
  • I was going to say the same thing, I considered buying a colour printer when I started with the DMP method and glad I didn't because of the huge cost and the fact that after a short while colour checking became unneccesary. I now just paint from life or from an old iPad screen...
  • Have people found that almost always the print people juice up the photos.  That is what Mark claims is the reason to get your own total process.  I have so far got the local library to do them, and I am satisfied. 
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