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venice turpentine

edited February 23 in Studio & Supplies
Hello all,

Looking to make Marks medium mix for the first time. Went to my local art store which were less than helpful. They tried to sell me venetian turpentine and some other stuff they had. Is venetian turpentine the same thing - google sometime suggests so?

Anyway, my question, is venice turpentine what Vets use on horse hoofs? If so it is a lot cheaper to buy that in bulk  from a Vet supply store than a pretentious art store.



  • geoffrey_38

    There is about a weeks worth of reading on this topic on this forum. The search box top rhs will take you there. In summary, there are many brands and products all with varying prices and components.

    Ensure any product you buy is marked 100% pure VT. Yes equine VT is much less expensive but may contain a proprietary formula for hoof repair. For example may include pine and tar.

    Expect the art product to be refined, to filter out sediment, expect it to be clear amber in colour with no water or alcohol. Expect the consistency to be like honey (thicker in cold weather) and to smell of a conifer forest. VT is the resin of the larch tree.

    A 120 ml bottle of VT will make up nearly a litre of medium. This quantity has lasted for years, though I only paint occasionally. Worth getting the good stuff to start, experiment later when you know how it should perform.


  • I've used VT for glazing and it gives beautiful  gloss and depth to the layers. I actually like the smell of it but it's a bit too strong so ventilation is a good idea. agree with @dencal it lasts forever so it's better to buy it at the art store  :)
  • Venetian or venice either one is ok it just depends on brand how they label it. Can't use turpentine, it's a different thing. Mark said it was OK to use Imitation Venice Turpentine. I used Richeson Oil mediums' "Shiva" series VT from Amazon I think it's a UK product. Some of the Horse VT from tack shops is so thick you have to heat it up to liquify it before mixing with the other mediums but once it is mixed with the OMS it stays mixed.
  • O got Shiva Venice Turpentine for Oil Colors 8 oz. from Amazon, $16.99 + $6.49 shipping.

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