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Brush dip as painting medium

Hey everyone, I accidentally used brush dip as a medium as I had it in a similar cup as my linseed oil. I only used a very minimal amount working on an under painting, just a few drops here and there. Should I totally wipe it out? Or will it be ok? Thanks


  • dencaldencal -
    edited February 2020

    Welcome to the forum.

    The occasional dip into brush dip ain’t going to be a problem to regulate consistency. I do it often.
    Brush dip contains some of the same ingredients as in the normal medium. Brush dip is 98% oil and 2% clove. The general rule is to increase the oil content as you go, which is what the brush dip is doing.

  • edited October 2020
    So I could add some to other paints like Gamblin or Winsor Newton? 
     I have to add some colors that are not in the Geneva line of available colors  in order to get the colors I want in my paintings.
  • Yves

    Yes. No problems using brush dip with other paint brands. DMPrs expect more from a medium than can be provided by the brush dip. Mix up some slow dry medium and keep a small bottle handy to adjust consistency.

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