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can use this product on paper, watercolor paper and paper for oil?
What about glass to make a palette?

Thank you very much.


  • I have not tried it, but I have painted oil on paper. I first coated the paper with gesso the same as you would a canvas. Even better is first coat the paper with something like Golden GAC-100, let dry, then gesso, which will seal the paper better.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    I also use gesso on paper, sometimes when needed.
    Anyone using the Geneva Foundation Canvas Stain (GFCS) on paper to paint with oil or glass to make a simple glass palette? It is not necessary to paint the glass, but... one can use a piece of paper, cardboard  or wood below the glass with the GFCS, but the glass only solution would be more simple.

  • If you want to get paint on glass, you have to modify the paint anyway, since when looking through it, it will be tinted by the blue green colour of tempered glass.  If you are going to be doing colour matching anyway, what I would do if you want to use the GFCS, is apply it to your canvas so you have a prepped canvas, then mix up some latex paint to match, and paint that on your glass.  You will need a red orange tint to get it to look the same as your raw GFCS on your canvas.  If you don't have any latex paint whatever, then you could use the GFCS with some tint.  Be sure to try some mini samples on your glass, so you can zero in on the final tint.
  • Thank you so much TamDeal, for your help. I will try as you say. Regards.
  • Sorry, I meant artist's acrylic paint, I sometimes use the cheap stuff like Liquitex Basics. 

    (I have wondered whether one could just buy some Bear paint and put that on with a roller, for Canvas prep.  I use Bear paint on my sailboat, and it has lasted as well as Awgrip, which is saying something.)
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