mixing bright light colours

Please help. I don't know where I'm going wrong but I'm having difficulty mixing vibrant colours that have a light value. The colours are coming out milky. Things had been going well all weekend until I started trying to mix very bright violets and pinks. Sorry, if this is just down to me being a rookie.


  • swisscot
    are you using a dry clean brush? Sometimes if I use a brush that has just been cleaned the paint mixes with that bit of cleaner and makes it milky. I like to use one or two pure colors and white one color is better to get clean crisp colors.
  • Thanks susiQ. I'll be sure to be more careful. I'm using Mark's 4 colours but I can't seem to mix a really strong violet.
  • May need to use a power purple if it really extreme. But pure perm Aliz crimson, ultramarine and white should give you a pretty extreme purple. As susiQ suggests, make sure to use a rally clean brush.
  • @Mark_Carder By power purple, do you mean a combination of the power blue and power red on the supply list?
  • @Mark_Carder By power purple, do you mean a combination of the power blue and power red on the supply list?

    no! Cad Red deep is good for orangy reds, not purples. Also phthalo blue is greenish, ultramarine is purplish if anything.
  • Been mulling this over for what feels like most of the night and finally thought it might be the paint. I live in Switzerland and I couldn't source Windsor and Newton paint locally, so whilst waiting for some from the UK I bought another cheaper brand that I was assured would be fine to get started. The WN paints arrived a few days ago and I have just compared the two and I am shocked at the difference! In another guise I worked as a lab tech' so I'm used to meticulously following procedures, this reinforces the point that your materials are crucial. I hope you are planning to ship your paint to Switzerland. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  • Good, I guessed it must be something like that :-)
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