I live in Nashville Indiana and was wondering if anyone else involved with Ron Carder’s method lives in or around the Indianapolis/Bloomington Indiana area?  It would be nice to be able to meet other artists who are learning, or who have learned to paint in Mr. Carder’s method. 


  • I think you meant Mark rather than Ron.

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    No problem

  • I’m North of those parts.  I don’t get down there much but I’m familiar with Nashville.  It’s got a lot of pretty countryside and a bit of art history.
    William Forsyth, T. C. Steele and other American Impressionists painted there.
    How are you coming along with the DMP method?  Have you got your lighting and shadow box setup?
  • How far north? I’d love to take a day trip to see some work of someone who has been using the DMP if that would be agreeable with you.  
    I finished setting up my studio (see photo below) and acquiring most of the supplies I needed.  Just started my first painting. Thanks so much for asking. 

  • I’m about half hour north of Indy.
    Your  shadow box is the same as Marks (I did the same thing) But you’ve got casters on it👍
    Your easel is awesome.  Mine is the one that mark shows how yo build.
    Your chair looks a bit uncomfortable fir me.  I’ve got like big office chair with arms.  
    Your brushes look like the synthetic type.
    Ive got a hodgepodge if brushes and I use maybe six or so of those.  My favorites are soft hair brushes.
    Looks like you’ve got a nice roomy studio.
    Mine is a bit cramped , a 10’x10’ room.
    Ive posted the DMP paintings that I’ve done so far if you want to check them out in the forum here
    Here’s a link to the log on the first painting.

    I’ve posted eight paintings so far.  Check my profile and then click on the discussions to see links to the other posts.

    I’m cool with getting together to check out some art and talk art.   Probably best to just send me an email on that a as Leo on my profile.

    have you started laying paint down on the canvas that you show in the photo above?
  • The brushes that I have are the ones Mark suggested on his supply list.  I don’t think they are synthetic. 

    I don’t understand what you meant by “ send me an email on that a as Leo on my profile.”  Who is Leo?’

    You asked if I had started laying paint down on the canvas that is shown in the photo. After looking at all of your posted paintings, I’m a little hesitant to send the attached photo in reply to your question but here it is:

  • Looks like you have a good start. 
    Looking forward to seeing your progress.
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