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diy linen under glass palette

After building all of my art studio equipment by following Mark’s how to videos . Everything except the glass palette with the stained linen under the glass . I was a little surprised when Mark discontinued the the production of that new design. I would like to try eliminate any chance of the linen canvas under the glass moving at all , by using a product called Lamin All Addhesive , which seems to be getting harder and harder to find . Any thoughts are welcomed and respected . Thank you for your time .



    Mark’s design was to paint the underside of the glass with the canvas toning colour.
    Easy to do the same. 4 or 5 mm toughened glass, with ground edges and rounded corners.
    Fridge shelves or glass cutting boards are easily adapted. A glazier can make it for you.
    Avoid the green (iron contaminant) tinted glass.
    A good idea is to coat the painted side with a hard floor varnish, such as Estapol to protect from scratches.

  • Hello dencel , thank you much for your input, I appreciate it . The painting of the glass it self was my plain A , until I say Marks new version with the linen canvas under the glass . I was hoping to emulate Mark’s new version , ie: diy my attempt . 
  • I haven't bought one, but based on the current description on the Geneva website, it sounds like they're just tinting the glass and no longer using the linen behind it.
  • I found a piece of glass lying around.  I spray painted one side with the neutral grey auto primer from rustolium. Then I had a little bit of a spray on rubber that I sprayed on over the primer to keep it from scratching too easy.  Because all the supplies were lying around it worked well and was free. Seems to work well Here is a picture. Please ignore the mess.  You can see I have tried to follow Mark's design on things.  I am still looking for Black curtains. I am too broke to just buy them, but I keep looking. hope to find some soon.
  • I made my palettes from two pieces of glass cut to fit canvas board that I had primed and let dry overnight.  I masked off all but 3/4" along the edges on the bottom of the glass palettes and spray-painted the exposed glass black; when the paint was dry, I removed the masking, applied 3/4" Scotch Magic Tape to the painted strips (so the solvent in the adhesive wouldn't dissolve the paint), laid down a 1/8" bead of adhesive on the tape, and pressed on the primed surface of the canvas panels; then I used black caulking to seal the edges.
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