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Brush taking off paint

I recall seeing in Mark’s video somewhere the reason why some brushes seem to take off more paint than put on - but now I can’t find it. 

Does anyone know where it is or know why this happens?? Thx


  • sideshowsally

    Paint lifting is a function of viscosity, surface tension and oil content.

    Fat over lean is the oft quoted rule. 

    Lightly oil brush, wipe off excess, before picking up paint.

    Progressively add a little more oil to the paint as you layer.

    Lightly oil bare gesso or dry paint in preparation for a new layer.


  • When you say oil do you mean the medium mix? I have been using Langridge low toxic paint medium - should I add oil to that??

    thanks for your help
  • sideshowsally

    Your medium is 30 to 60% linseed oil. Just fine to reduce viscosity, surface tension and increase oil content.


  • Bristle brushes being slightly harder than nylon, takes off some some paint and many artists use that to create a natural transparency and depth. This happens with transparent and semi-transparent paints without even mixing oil. Here I'm using underneath scratchy paint layer too as an effect.

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