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The importance of quality materials

I'm a fan of Alex Tzavaras and he has just released an interesting video about using cheap/expensive materials when painting realism.
Would like to read people's thoughts..


  • ArtGalArtGal -
    edited February 7
    thanks for posting @Intothevoid, I watched all his videos, love his work  as well :)
  • Interesting vid.

    I like to buy decent quality stuff. Maybe student grade paint would be useful for practice for some, but being lower in pigment I would find it would get in the way of what I want and need to learn about colour.

    I also want to make my work the best that I can and using poor quality isn't going to help me with that.

    In much the same way that I never approach doing a painting with -I think I will do it half assed. I guess I want the materials I use to get there to reflect that.

    I use Rosemary & Co brushes, but also some cheap ones.  I too know (as mentioned in video) of professional artist that only use cheap brushes. I guess you just need to find the ones that don't shed.

    I have no doubt that some great work can be achieved also by using cheap materials.

  • Interesting video, I follow him on youtube he's a great painter. I like his quote in the video: "Pushing puddles of mud around with hairs on the end of a stick" If I ever have my own exhibition I'm going to call it that :D
  • I haven't watched the video yet... Like his work but it does not follow the DMP approach I would like to master at some point.  Until now I use the cheapest brushes that I can get (12 synthetic filber for 4 euro), it feels as if I cannot go wrong there if I forget about them having to care for a crying toddler that woke up suddenly. So far, this has worked out perfect for me.
    I have some WN Winton oilpaint and I'm just not always happy with colors and strength. I bought an introductory set of Smincke Mussini oil paint (5 tubes of only 10ml) but I am amazed with the colors and pleasure that this paint gives... So far I'm finishing my old paint but will switch to decent professional paint when the time arrives.  
  • The painting best practices fb group, traditional oil painting fb group, mitra forums, traditional oil painting book by virgil elliott are the resources to reference for info on materials.

    You can make a nice looking painting with junk materials but it won't last.

    You can also spend thousands on "high quality" materials and your paintings won't last either, unless you know exactly what you're buying and doing. For example the expensive canvases that mark recommends have a layer of pure zinc in them, guaranteed to ensure your painting will fall apart over time.

    The resources listed above are really invaluable if you care about the longevity of your paintings. 
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