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45 year old canvas

Cleaning out the attic of stuff I have packed away moving house to house. I found this long box with some canvas in it. Was just wondering if it is still good. It is unprimed, but appears to be pretty stong yet and stretchable. Do I attempt to use it, or best not to. Any suggestions. I measured and could get about 4, 16x20's out of it. thank you


  • I would think that if it was rotten you could tell. If it holds up to stretching it should be good.
  • Greendl

    I'm no expert on this, but the two things that affect old fabrics are insect damage and damp mold spores.

    If you intend to use the canvas (cotton, calico?) I would soak/wash in a weak bleach solution and rinse with clove oil in the water. Steam iron prior to gesso.

    More trouble than it's worth I reckon.

  • tjstjs -
    edited June 2013
    I have a couple old paintings from college (late 70's) that were painted on canvas. They were never stretched or or even varnished and I've kept them in a box where they were in several musty attics and damp basements from coast to coast. The backs were never treated. They are fine. They just smell like an attic :(

    I'd throw a couple coats of gesso on 'em. I guess I'm not that particular.

  • as suggested, I am going to do the wash as I believe it will clean the canvas up abit, as there is some small areas of the mold spores. I think mine also has the attic smell. the Bleach should help with the mold and the smell. thanks again. appreciate the help everyone.
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