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What is the worst medium you have worked with?

Hi all,
What is that medium you really dislike or cannot get to grips with at all?
Personally no matter how many times I've tried over the years I just cannot get on with oil pastels. To me they are just so stubborn to manipulate, blend, layer and can be quite messy too.
I absolutely love other pastel mediums but for some reason oil ones drive me nuts.


  • I am writing my media preference in descending order. I hope you'll understand.

    Above all 'Fresco'. Way up there in the ceiling. Not for me but God's own paint!
    1. oil paint
    2. gouache
    3. charcoal / conte/ sanguine or charcoal pencil et al
    4. ink
    5. oil pastel
    6. egg tempera {maybe no. 1 when I'm like 70}
    7. Acrylic
    8. soft pastel
    9. graphite pencil (hate those needles)
    10. Digital
    11. watercolor (hate the water :s )
    But nothing works better than BLOOD!  
  • Acrylic. When I first started trying to paint about 2 years ago I struggled with acrylic for about 6 months and was just about to give up when I thought I would try water mixable oil to see if I had any more luck. The extra drying time allowed to fix mistakes more easily and premix colours (coincided with finding Mark Carders videos on youtube about premixing / colour matching etc). I'd probably enjoy acrylics fine now that I have a bit more experience and I no longer premix colours. Gouache dries a lot faster and I'm fine with that now...
  • I LOVE the idea of watercolours and gouache. Thin with water, no need to worry about mixes drying out (just rewet them), or of brushes drying solid. Easy to clean up and take anywhere. BUT, I just can't get used to the value shift and the way I work with blending wet in wet really is opposite to watercolours and gouache.
  • Chalk pastels,even if I take my time to blend ,it still looks like a five year did it.
  • Coffee ~ seemed like a good idea at the time!
    Google: paintings using coffee
  • 1. Water - any medium that uses it.
    2. Oil pastels, I tried and tried and failed and failed.
  • @Ajoe
    I'm currently getting into watercolour as it is easier to take around with me when I go on holiday and find it challenging but very interesting to use especially control as they say it does have a mind of its own.
    Absolutely agreed on oil pastels, awful awful medium, I'd rather try and use lipstick!....hey that gives me an idea  =)
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    Ha ha, good one @BOB73   :)

    My grandmother was a medium, before she became large.
  • I’m still a medium but for some strange reason my waist has moved.
  • Personally I like watercolor best. Although I never had the chance to try out all kinds on. I think I will try them on my coming painting
  • When I try out a new medium, I first get a book or video that explains how to use that medium.  That way, I actually enjoy using the medium.  Plus most of the fun in art is learning something new! 

    The fact that there are so many different mediums available is fascinating to me!

    That said, when I got to watercolors, I absolutely could not control them at all!  And I had books and videos that explained every step.  THEN I discovered Anna Mason and her techniques.   Google "Anna Mason Watercolor".  I was INSTANTLY successful using her techniques!  

    It turns out that before Anna, I was using the techniques that allow the watercolor to "bleed".  Soaking and stretching cold press paper, painting with lots of water, etc.  With Anna's techniques, you use hot press paper in a block and paint with the paper dry.  No stretching, etc.  Also, she paints in many layers to build up the color.

    So I just had to find the right teacher and technique!

    Just FYI, here are the mediums I use and so far I enjoy all of them now!

    Acrylics for landscapes
    Oils for portraits
    colored pencil  (Ann Kullberg is the best teacher)
    pen and ink
    dry pastels  (have not tried oil pastels)
    homemade egg tempera

    By the way, I've made all of these mediums just for fun.  All of them are just pigment and "glue"! Except for colored pencils.  I have a supply of pigments and supplies for making all of these and am beginning to make my own oil paints as Mark does.  I make red, blue, yellow and white and then mix the brown and black from those and tube them all.  
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    The worst mediums I worked with were; crayola crayons, and oil pastel sticks. Acrylic were a real challenge for me until I purchased my 1st airbrush and 2 more after this. I liked golden acrylics and products best.
  • SummerSummer -
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  • The worst mediums I worked with were; crayola crayons, and oil pastel sticks. Acrylic were a real challenge for me until I purchased my 1st airbrush and 2 more after this. I liked golden acrylics and products best.
    As soon as I saw that crayola crayon mention this video sprung to mind!
    Absolutely no way I'd be able to pull this off..

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    @Intothevoid Hee, hee, hee! I don't think that I can pull this off either, certainly not as attractive as this and probably no video production from me either, hee, hee, hee. And as my life flashes before my eyes, here I am witnessing another person do great at it yet again, and I'm left in the dust of it, still unable.
     Tg for oil paints! Hee, hee, hee! 😁
    Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed it!
  • I hate oil pastels the most, and my favorite is watercolor. Easy to mix colors and mess-free applications. 
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