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What marks an illustration as ‘good’

You might have noticed how effective illustrations manage to fall under a specific criteria and that is what passes them as good illustrations. The criteria focuses on boldness and individuality along with creative imagery and impactful storylines. Children’s illustration especially emphasizes on following these criteria’s since we are delivering content to a much younger audience that only needs to know what the story wants to convey. What are the factors in your opinion that can help an illustration fall under the criteria of being good, can you mention a few examples?


  • I follow examples as taught by Andrew Loomis, and the Famous Artists Course.
  • dencaldencal -
    edited January 28
    Answering this question is like trying to nail jelly to the wall.
    So many genres of illustration .. action hero’s .. fairy tales .. workshop manuals .. medical journals ..advertising .. cartoons .. etc. So many parameters of excellence that comprise “good”.

    Along with those you mention must be perspective, proportion, colour range, variety of line and texture, composition, accuracy, focal point, light direction, light and shade, framing, depth and dimension, impact, targeting to audience, appropriate style.

    To be good it needs to be an appropriate graphical communication. To be great it needs to be memorable.

  • Could you show me an example of your work?Then we can all go from there.

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