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My First Attempt at Oils...

Hello!  My name is Sandra!  I love this site and have learned SO much!  Last week I attempted my first oil painting!  Here she is!  Sophie!  She's not perfect, and I can tell you a thousand things I'd change, but I am happy with my first attempt!  I learned A LOT from it, - as I expect to learn from each work until the day I paint my last.  I have no training in painting, just what I've picked-up online.  I recently started drawing again after 35 year hiatus, and have always wanted to paint in oils, so took the plunge and decided to paint Sophie.  Sophie passed away suddenly two years ago and the photo of this work inspired me.  It captures her.  I breed and show Afghans and she is the foundation of my line of hounds.  What do you all think?  Thank you!  It's great to be here and learn from everyone!!  ~ Sandra 
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