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Clay teapot. Work in progress.

edited January 22 in Introduce Yourself
I wanted to share with you this painting that I am working on right now.
This is my setup:
Close-up of the original photograph:

and next are some images of how it all progressed:

Any comments, suggestions and thoughts are welcome :) Thank you.. 
Just realized that I posted it in a wrong category and do not see any way to transfer it anywhere or even to delete it. :)


  • Did you have the blue background in the real setup when you took the photo?  The photo doesn’t seem to show any detail in the shadow side of the egg.  Are you going to use the still life for reference when you paint that?
  • edited January 22
    Good questions @GTO.
    1)  Original background was dark gray. The blue tint of it appeared after taking pictures with my cell phone camera that desides by itself what b/g is cooler. This is one reason why painting from a real still life is better then from a photo. I will paint from life next time. I should also use light diffuser. 
    2) The right side of the egg is not lit because the light comes from  the upper left side. There was no other sources of light in the room.  Natural light and it's reflections or diffused light source would illuminate it more uniformly.
    3) Will do next time.
    Thank you. 
  • Well, this is what it is... after a long break. 

  • Really nice. Love the colours. But I am distracted by the glare on RH side.
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