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First exhibition off to a good start.

edited January 23 in General Discussion
Well, I did it! I survived the opening night and saw seven of the thirteen paintings on show sell. So, all up, over the last 12 months, I've sold 15 paintings through the gallery. And the show still has ten days to run so I hope to  sell at least a few of the remaing six on show.

I'm just so relieved the opening night is over. I had butterflies in my stomach on the hour long drive into town. All that meet and greet stuff I find truly agonising. But it went ok. There was a good crowd there and people seemed to genuinely like my stuff. Amazing! Who'd have thunk it? When I took up painting four years ago, not even in my wildest dreams could I have envisaged being taken on by a gallery and having my own one person show. And I certainly never dreamt I'd achieve the sort of prices my pictures are selling for. I would have scoffed at the suggestion. But there it is. 

It has been a lot of hard work on my part but I am just so grateful to Mark Carder. Without his vast, and freely given, technical knowledge it simply couldn't have happened. I have never met the man and although he is not heavily into landscape like me, he showed me, in a way I could understand through his DMP website, how I could paint realism. I will be forever thankful to him. So THANK YOU MARK CARDER!
And thanks to all you DMP forum members for your encouragement over the last 4 years. Painting can be a solitary pursuit (obsession) but  having you guys to bounce my work off and chat to about painting made it bearable. And so many times folks here picked up on things in my work that I might have missed. So thank you all so very much!   

I had visions of the show being a flop and the gallery giving me the sack. That could still happen but I'm slightly less worried now.  :)

Thanks again everyone.  <3<3<3

You can see the paintings here:


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