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Gouache sketches


I haven't been on the forum for a few months due to moving to New Hampshire and not having anywhere or any time to paint for a while! Finally bought a house a few weeks ago and bought an easel this week so look forward to being able to paint with oils again at some point in the coming weeks. I'll have to trawl through the forum posts for the last few months to see what I missed :)

In the odd few spare hours I did get I managed to do a few small gouache studies in my sketchbook. I've only done two other gouache paintings prior to this so it started off a bit roughly but I'm starting to get the hang of it... it's actually a really nice medium. I can see doing a small sketch like this for values / colours would be a useful exercise before attempting a larger oil version.

All the paintings are of the area where we rented initially called Hampton Beach, there are a lot of cool things to paint in NH. I'll probably keep posting any gouache paintings to this thread... any comments / critiques are welcome, just wanted to say hi again :)

Thanks for looking!

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