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Truncated Strada 31-day Challenge

I started the Strada 31-day challenge (paint from life every day), but I will not finish it, having barely gotten half way through the month. My reasons are a combination of too much to do and upcoming travel, but mostly laziness. I thought I'd post stuff here, and see what you good folks have to offer in the way of critique.

The first few paintings were done with a 3-hour time limit, then I reduced it to a 2-hour limit because I have things to do and 3 is too long. I hope you can tell these are all big brush paintings, and about as loose as I can get these days.

Critique welcomed, although bear in mind I already think the flower ones are garbage. I may have become obsessed with oranges.

Some folks run out of things to paint. I solved this by just painting the same thing over and over. I figure that should score both high and low marks for creativity.

1. Onion

2. Sour Orange

3. Sour Oranges

4. Cut Sour Oranges

5. Yellow Rose

6. Yellow Roses

7. Vase & Rose

8. Mandarin

9. Peeled Mandarin

10. Cut Mandarin

11. Blood Orange

12. Peeled Blood Orange

13. Tangello Segment

14. The unfinished Tangello Peeled



  • edited January 13
    Great work @PaulB, and considering how fast you did them.

    I admit to scrolling through and looking before reading and initially thought the sour orange to be a potato 

    I love the Vase and rose  but the flower laying next to it, in that one looks a bit plastic.

    Peeled mandarine and Tangello segment are my favourite, particularly how you have done the light through the fruit.
  • The sour oranges, mandarins and blood oranges are the best.  
    Question for you... when you lay a brush stroke down do you move from canvas into the previous stroke?  I know that’s a bit of a technical question, but at this point I’m just working on improving my “chops”.
    I am hoping at some point I get around to where the technical stuff happens on it’s own and I can focus on “what’s behind the paint and canvas” as John Berger says.
  • CJDCJD -
    edited January 13
    A few of them turned out really nice. You've probably learned a few things, including how to paint table surfaces more effectively.

    Have you been experimenting with any new pigments? Did you need to use any more powerful colors for the blood oranges or any other spots?

    I recently picked up some of the iron oxides - mars red and yellow, etc. and am amazed at the tinting strength, low price, and superior (best possible) lightfastness. There are fun transparent versions of them all too. You've gotten some of the nice glowey-effects on the table surfaces of a couple of your paintings.
  • Great paintings, what i notice is that because maybe all of them are under the same light intensity, that is too close and creates very sharp edge between light and dark, eliminating transition tones that i think creates more volume if its there, what do you think ?
  • Knowing how tight you have been with painting, I think this is a splendid way to "loosen up" your brush strokes and it shows. Your oranges are like my sunflowers, I just can't seem to stop.
    I love your oranges and can I admit to a touch of envy? I'm gobsmacked by 2. sour orange and 9. peeled mandarin. Good work! Nothing says you have to work hours and hours to create a good painting :)
  • Great to see you loosen up some and that's a very good variety of compositions on a single theme, namely the oranges.
  • Even though these were done under time limits they are very good, @PaulB. I especially like numbers 9 - 14. The blue shadow against the orange in the last one is awesome - I love juxtaposed complementary colours of similar value.  :)
  • they all look great, my favourites are starting at number 8 up to the end. amazing!
  • These are great! You paint better in 2-3 hours than I do in 2-3 weeks :)
  • Wow ! Just WOW! 😮
    Especially the oranges. 
  • Great works! No.11 is the best for me considering the time limit.
  • These are awesome! Also, these still life paintings look very modern compared to the traditional ones!
  • I still can't believe all you did, especially given how busy you were!  You were hardly "lazy" by having to stop, it was impossible for you to continue to do so but i'm just glad you hung in there as long as you did!   I think your orange slices are my favorites - so many times you were able to capture the juiciness.  Hope things are settling down and you are back in your studio.
  • Great job. I still don't know the wisdom of these time challenges other than to just keep painting. If I weren't satisfied with a 2 hour painting I would be tempted to ignore the time limit. I really love the lighting you used. 
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