Is it necessary to have a black floor in the studio?

I’ve draped the 4 walls of my 16’ X 16’ X 12’ high studio in black fabric, painted the easel and shadow box black and am wondering if it is necessary to paint the concrete floor black also?


  • NashvilleArtist

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    The critical area for reflective glare is from the wall or any light coloured surface facing your easel, shadow box and palette. Hold your hand up to your work surfaces and note where the shadows are coming from. Wear dark clothing.

    Experiment with some fabric remnants on the concrete floor to see if there is a noticeable difference.
    A coat of paint on the floor in front of the easel may be all you need, or a few carpet tiles.

    Reflected light and glare can significantly alter the perception of colour and value.

  • In my painting-space I bought some darkish neutral-fabric cloth remnants at the fabric shop as a back drape, and a length of fairly neutral jute canvas as a dropcloth for under the easel.  I think its for upholstery backing, it heavier and lays flat.  I mainly wanted to avoid intoducing "color", rather than kill all of the reflected light.  I did hang a dark scrim behind my easel, I found black to be too "dead".
  • Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my question Ted.  I’ll give your suggestion a try. 
  • Thanks to you too for your input dencal. 
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