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Painting done in 2012


  • sorry can moderators change the location of this to "post your paintings"
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Mod here: I moved this to "Post Your Paintings".

    A lack of feedback can be due to many reasons. In this case, I think it is because you never introduced yourself, have never engaged in the community here, and posted a painting that is not realism, and without any comments. You didn't ask for feedback, explain the work, what you were trying to achieve, etc.

    Your painting is representational though, which is why I haven't deleted it, but it neither uses the DMP process or attempts realism.

    I recommend participating, ask questions, offer opinions, help others.
  • Looks trippy. Is this the last painting you've done? Maybe post something more recent to see your growth from 8 years ago. 
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