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1st Landscape-Seascape - Gonna Sleep On This One

edited January 17 in Post Your Paintings

I need to go over this to adjust the values through out this scene. The middle and background need to appear as though they are receding more, also the highlights on the rocks need to be just a bit brighter. Sorry for the glare.
 This looks great to me at 6-10 feet away but not so well up close. I'm enjoying the performance of this titanium white paint new to my palette for impasto work, and I used Chinese Vermilion in the pinkish clouds specifically for this pink tint in hue. Zorn used this color on his palette for specific purposes and effects, I was inspired when I discovered this for myself. I'm just about quite complete with this.


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    This is looking much better, @Forgiveness. I love the lusciious thick paint on those warmly lit rocks. And the softly glowing clouds at upper left read much better now, too - not as heavy as they were.  And I especially like the gradation from light to dark of the shoreline beneath the hills. Sublime!

    If you wanted to create more depth overall you could lighten the value of those green hills and make them bluer/greyer after scaping some of the impasto off them so it doesn't compete with the impasto of those wonderful rocks. You could also reduce the impasto in the sky. But that's just an issue of personal taste on my part. It works great as it is. It is so NW coast N America.

    You've put a lot of effort into this one. I had my doubts about it earlier but I'm glad to see that you have made a success of it. Well done!  :)
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    Thank you, I can probably use sandpaper to take off some of the impasto. This is actually SW California coast end of November, the beginning of their winter season, and a very windy day @ 65F and a lot of sea mist in the air, and it's the end of the day at sundown. A side  view of Monterey Bay, in 1984. In this view I did not include the houses that dot the hills.
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    I've succeeded in sanding down and scraping the old paint away from the sky and the hills, this step went very well! Btw it looked real great while it was turned upside down! Lol!
     Now ready to receive new paint, I have mixed a new palette for the green hills using cobalt blue deep, viridian, cadmium yellow pale, Chinese vermilion and titanium white.
     This combination of colors will allow me to get the perspective and dimension through the 4 values I have created, I can create a few more values to add if I need them. I'm paying closer attention to the topography and values in those hills as a guide for my brush strokes and color, I see a natural design coming out from those hills where I did not before, this helps (thanks for "ways of seeing"). This is still impasto but not as evident and pronounced as in the foreground. I will post soon.
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    The hills and sky redone.
     The darker values in the sky will be adjusted to lighter especially on the right. And only a few other little things before I finish. I used a #4 flat in the hills and my fan brush for the sky. I think this is a challenging sky to paint, I'll choose a simpler one next time. In the meantime I will do my best to simplify this as is.
     C&C welcome.
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