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My 2019 progress

edited January 6 in Post Your Paintings
Any tips or advices please, what is the most thing i need to change to get better ?



  • I like the moon through the window ,the blonde women staring,the little church is very well done.These three show to me a focus most of the others do not .keep at it .
  • I like the colors and diversity of your work! Landscapes are especially good, the still life may benefit from improving the perspective of your drawing. This coming from someone who has a lot to improve upon himself! 
  • Nice works! Values of the waterbody in painting no 25 is so nice. Painting 27 has fantastic saturation transition; fore to back, which is creating beautiful depth in the painting. You will greatly benefit by focusing on structure of your subject - portrait, still life, or landscape. My suggestion is to do some structural drawings, in which refrain from values, colors, soft edges, or making any curved lines, but just straight lines and paying attention on the angles of the edges and relationship between different angles and edges. Great progress!
  • Hello, I am no expert and I have only three paintings which my wife approves to be hung on the wall. Given that, I would offer the following advice. 

    1. Your first painting has the making of a great little painting. The foreground is excellent. I would work on the background. 

    2. Concentrate on what you are good at. Your landscapes are very good and given a couple of more passes could be excellent.

    3. I would stop painting your still life subjects. See point 2 until you are reasonably good. Personally I find most still life very, very boring and of unhangable subjects. 

    4. Make each painting your masterpiece. Go over the Paintings worth saving and ask the question after each session. Is it better than when I started. If not wipe off the paint. Try again tomorrow.

    5. In my view there is no point in painting quick bad paintings for practice. You only practice painting badly. 

    6. Pick three of your favourites and go over and over again until you are happy. I cannot achieve a decent finish Alla prima. I simply am not good enough. I have a lot more confidence paint over a dry painting oiled out. The first layer being in the Bank.

    7. Work on a linen canvass. I find my paintings are better because I take more care if it costs me a little more and it just has a better feel. You can always re-stain and use the canvas again. Small canvasses are not expensive. You feel more of a painter. 

    8. Experiment with dark shadows and highlights to add perspective, depth and life to your paintings. Flat paintings do nothing for the viewer. 

    9. Make plenty of mistakes but review each mistake. 

    10. Experiment with paint brush techniques. All sorts of textures can be achieved which make a painting interesting. 

    11. Only paint when you feel like it. It’s got to be fun ...

    12. Don’t feel you have to get caught up in all the boring theory of painting. Just try to match the colour and values as best as possible. You will get better. 

    13. Paint beautiful things ...

    14. Use top quality equipment ...

    15. Keep at it ... I wish I had your landscapes to give a couple more passes ... 

    I wish you the very best ...

    Ossie ...

  • Watch Mark's videos over and over again.  Practice drawing.   Paint and draw, even when you don't feel like it.  The only way to become a proficient artist is to draw and paint consistently and frequently.  My opinion differs from Ossie on this, because if I painted only when I felt like it, I wouldn't accomplish much.  If you wish to produce superior paintings, all the basics of painting need to be learned and used.
  • @persia the moon from the window is completely of my imagination when i feel depressed, its cold isolated room in an abandoned room in a castle on some high place, from the window you can only see the sea without sound .
  • @JerryW totally 100% agree with you, perspective  is like the most secret ingriedent to have instant improvment when applied even for portraits .
  • @shobhasartspeakz painting 27, thanks for noticing that ! This is what all this painting is about, but its really a challange to push the background backwards and keep it belongs or "connected" with the foreground as they are in the same painting, not fully saturated foreground and overlayed pale image of the background .
  • These have a quality to them that I like. Keep painting and pushing forward. 
  • @Ossie you made solid advices here thank you very much ! first trials in landscapes and human figures was auwful, so i practiced in still lifes till i had the basic skills to start painting landscapes, then i had the courage to paint couple portraits, which is really the most thing i enjoy to paint .(though when still life is mastered its very rewarding )
    Why i paint landscapes ? Because i think they are the most neutral subject to paint that can sell, at least for now untill i can make "wonderful" portraits paintings .
    And why is that ? As you said to make a painting look better more passes would really make a difference, in portraits it requires layers and precision....currently i am adding more details to the ox painting ...lastly i admit that i use the cheapest oils and bruches that u could imagine ...maries and pebeo oil colors .
  • Number 5 and number 27 are my favorites. 

    You work has some interesting qualities - colour, texture, composition …

     I don't know how much realism you were striving for in these works. If you want to achieve more realism you're in the right place. Watch all of Mark's free videos and you can't go wrong. :)
  • @hasan_bat You have been trying hard.  You obviously have vision and desire to paint. I would agree with oilpainter1950.  In particular, watch the three basic videos before each attempt.  You need to draw more accurately, colour check more often and paint more carefully without blending too much.  I'm sure you can improve rapidly.  
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