Hello from Jordan-mid east

My name is Hasan, I have a physics degree and self taught "artist", started my art journey in 21 sep 2013, inspired by Da Vinci's demons tv series !
It took me looong time to start painting in oils, after learning some drawing basics online and playing with watercolors till 2016 i gave acrylics and oils a try, and i didn't like oils at all .
In 2016 i started watching drawmixpaint channel and tried to follow along with watercolors, improved a little maybe, in april 2019 i decided that i should come back to art and be consistent, from scratch drawing sketching then i must learn to paint in oils, all this time i watched tons of videos for Mr Carder and wanted finally to start applying what i have learned .
Because i am in love with the process of putting paint on canvas and create what i feel plus i deeply believe in what Mark always says that with hard work and practicing anyone can paint and be good enough .

2020 goals : that i start selling my work and let it see the light here and there !
I don't know how to do it so far, but if its good enough it should work .


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