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WIP DMP #7 on Panel

Here's a work in progress.
I'm painting it on aluminum panel  First every painting on panel.
I applied an umber ground.  When i did that i used a 2" brush and criss-crossed the brush strokes to give it more of a canvas feel.
The size is 20"x16"
It is from a still live in a shadow box
My goal here was to try painting on panel and to do something that is more complicated than before.
The fabric was a lot more difficult than I expected.  Lots of subtle shading required.
The flowers are even more difficult than the background and I had to improvise a bit when doing them.
I'm not fully satisfied with the flowers.  Too many hard edges and will have to see about value adjustments.
When I did those I matched a set of colors but there is so much variation in the flowers I had to sort of judge by eye and mix colors on the pallet and do some blending.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.
Here's the source and the WIP



  • Looking great so far, @GTO. The fabric looks amazing - as I am sure the whole thing will when you're done. :)
  • Thanks @tassieguy. I finally did a background that was t just a black void.  😀
  • Looking great, and yeah, that fabric is amazing! 
  • Thanks @Bucky.  All the other backgrounds I did were pretty much solid black, except for the smith and Wesson, though when I did that background I saw it more as just another subject object to paint.
    when I did this background I had to really take my time and treat it like an integral subject instead of just a background.
    I occasionally took a picture of my painting as I went and compared that to the still life and looked for significant differences in value.  That led me to realize just how subtle the values change in the fabric.  But the problem with the photos is they don’t have enough detail in the shadows or highlights.
  • I agree with the others. The fabric is brilliant :)

    How do you like the aluminium panels?
  • Thanks @MichaelD
    It took a bit to get used to the panel.  The main difference is the paint sticks to the canvas more.  But I see a lot of potential with the panel.  I can wipe the paint off easily.  I can get a nice oily blend when I want to but I can still leave a single clean brush stroke.  I used an oil ground and gave it a bit of a brushed criss-cross.  That makes it so I don’t have to be concerned about any blemishes in the panel surface.  If I were doing photo realism I wouldn’t use the cross-cross bruised ground instead I’d leave it smooth.  
    I’m using more paint with the panel than the canvas but I like that.

  • edited January 6
    I think your reply addressed to me is meant for @Richard_P, but its all good


    I particularly like how you managed the subtleties in the fabric on this one.
  • Oops.  Yeah that was meant for Richard.  I know he was interest in the Dibond experiment I’m working on.  😀
  • Do u plan to make a focal point for the painting, or do you want to proceed matching colors and values as they are ?
  • @hasan_bat The vase is pretty much the focal point.  The main object.  It will be the brightest part when it’s done.    The washed out flowers above it will get toned down in the final version.  When I look at the painting my eyes go to the flowers then vase and then back up to the flowers and then look at the drapery which directs me back to the vase.   I didn’t plan any of that.  I just setup interesting objects and then try to balance them in some way that feels right.  And I play with the position of it to the light source and adjust the lighting until I’m happy with the lighting.  I intentionally didn’t want too dark of lighting in this one.  I wanted a more upbeat feel.  Thanks for asking that question.  I hadn’t really thought of a focal point until you asked.
  • Looking forward to the finished painting.  Already looking very good.
  • Looking good so far. 
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