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Still life with camellias (WIP)-color issues

edited January 4 in Post Your Paintings

Hello all,

I'm currently working on a still life and I'm having trouble getting the correct colors/values. I like to use natural light in my compositions and take pictures which I then use as my reference. I've set up my studio with neutral lighting (5,000 k) and pull up the reference on a photo editing software to work from as I paint. While I'm painting in the studio lighting, the colors seem to match perfectly. I even use the eyedropper tool to check colors at times. However, when I take the painting out of my studio area or try to take a picture of my painting with my phone to compare to the original, the colors are all off!

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong here? I know ideally I should be painting from life in consistent lighting, but that's not always practical for me.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!



  • Painting looks great. I don't see a problem with the colors, although the painting seems to be lower contrast, which is a good thing for this particular painting as the photo reference is too harsh looking. Painting is softer and nicer.

    The two flowers sitting together could use some more detailing though but apart from that the painting is very nice.
  • i love how you painted this, very nice style and very clean. the pinks are so lovely!! i think it is very good as it is, but if i had to point out anything i would suggest some of the warm red in the shadows of the two flowers on the right like you have done with the flower on the left.

    Again, its a very beautiful painting already!
  • Beautifully painted.  

  • Amazing! The flowres are great and that silver vessel is incredible   :)
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