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So what are your artistic goals for 2020?

I plan to up my drawing skills considerably and explore techniques and tools past brush and canvas but still keep it as realistic as


  • 2020 goals are to get into an art show competition and to try doing a landscape and maybe a portrait.
  • Intothevoid

    Grow, learn and enjoy.

    Signed up with MJS. Landscapes completed and underway.
    Signed up with local gallery for eight weeks life drawing.


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    To  learn more, to do the best I can and to get better at telling the artist's curse, that demon on my shoulder, to do the other thing.  :)
  • To enter more juried shows. To expand into landscapes and structural paintings as these are not my favorite things to paint and feel I need to improve  and broaden my scope.
  • Going out and exhibit stuff in Delhi. 
  • Every day

                         in every way

    to                                                                       get                                                                       better

                           and                                                                           better

  • anwesha

    This is very useful for life drawing. Good graphics and explanation.


  • New Year's Resolution: 
    1.  Continue drawing with graphite and charcoal, something I recently picked up.  
    2.  Paint more than I did last year and produce better quality in the process of more quantity.  
    3.  Draw and paint from life more including plein air.
    4.  Expand subject matter of paintings and drawings to still life, animals, and portraits.
    5.  Get a website up and going and hopefully make a few sales.
  • Increase in quality and quantity sounds like a good goal to me :)

    I'd like to complete 15-20 paintings that I'm happy with.
  • Study painting methods more deeply, make master copies, and paint and draw more from nature. 
  • Draw more, paint more, and enter more shows.
  • I plan to attend courses with Mark , Sargent is my favorite, by then hope to improve my sketch
  • Loosen up, find more painting time by ignoring obstacles, or "waiting" for the perfect time to paint, spend more time doodling and sketching, find the best way to paint while traveling. Maybe enter a show,....
  • To try to get accepted into juried shows and a gallery. I’ve submitted to two shows already. Rejected for the first but we’ll see how the second goes. As far as galleries go, being an introvert I’m not really crazy about putting myself out there (I guess I’m afraid of rejection) but I’m going to have to get over that if I’m ever going to sell anything I think. 
  • I struggle with free time to paint. But I'd like to try to do a more ambitious painting in 2020.
  • @PaulB - Sounds like good advice. Thanks Paul. 
  • Thanks for the encouragement @tassieguy. Sounds like solid advice from you and Paul. 
  • I will be painting more independently, relying more on my own resourcefulness with all I have learned and continue to learn, while continuing to develop in a loose and painterly style. I am absolutely loaded with great knowledge and I expect to be painting more but this style is not necessarily so fast, but occasionally yes.
     I am in process of planning to compete and exhibit.
     I think I would like to attend courses and classes locally, these are reasonably priced and I have no budget, impossible for me at this time.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    My goals are more figure drawing and portraits, a couple of three-person shows and deliberately not going after every show I can. Also feeding a gallery with new works. There are some big changes also, so I have to weather that first.
  • Complete 12 paintings, least my Fab four is killing me but soldiering on
  • PaulB said:
    My goals are more figure drawing and portraits, a couple of three-person shows and deliberately not going after every show I can. Also feeding a gallery with new works. There are some big changes also, so I have to weather that first.
    @PaulB now i'm curious - what changes? :)  hope you're not going to leave forum?
  • Find more time to paint.
  • C.A.N.I. = Constant And Neverending Improvement!
  • Im updating my above post to.....


    Seriously though wishing everyone all the best in these difficult and unprecedented times.

    As for self isolation, which I have been doing past week, and may do nest week, being an artist I tend to do that naturally, bliss.
  • geoffrey_38

    C.A.N.I. = Constant And Neverending Improvement!

    That is U.N.C.A.N.I.

  • Last year's goals were complete....I selected several ideas to complete and they are all done. Skill improvement was noticed by me since the second artwork. I'm like the tortoise in this fast world. But don't worry I'll get there! :) 

    For 2020, goals are several:
    1. Exhibitions: Two exhibitions done already. Got noticed by the biggest art guys in India. Third exhibition lined up at a one of the biggest exhibiting places in India_ India Habitat Center
    2. Featured: Got featured by Mark! A lot of reach related goals were accomplished with that! 
    3. List of 2020 Paintings: I'll make the list today.
    4. YouTube: Making better quality videos. Investing into this. Slowly gaining subscribers. 
    So, apart from completing the 2020 paintings I've completed my goals...for the first time in my life!  :#
  • My goal is to complete my move to Fair hope Alabama. I also want to figure out how Makoto Shinkai paints anime landscapes and learn how to create those types of compositions in oil.
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