2019 - How did it go?

By my own measure, I have to say that 2019 has been a mixed bag for me.  I painted my best landscape yet.  I started one painting I thought would be epic and it was!  An epic failure!  I tried to fix another and had to set it aside because it just needed to rest.  I was not ready to commit another hundred hours to it yet.  I started a portrait and it it was a good learning experience because it was from life.  But then the model moved away and I could not finish it.  So I started another from a photo and it went very well until... I quit working on it, 4 months ago, and I have not touched a brush since.  It was surprising to me how long it had been.

But it is strange how these things work.  Almost like one door closing and another door opening.  I turned ten bowls on my new lathe.  I tossed 4 of them but the other 6 are pretty cool.  I made a sweet hexagonal gazebo shaped bird feeder.  Its very nice yard art.  I made a glass top occasional table as a love offering for our sister church.  That was as good a piece as I can make.

And crazy as it sounds, I wrote some new music and completed work on a song I started in 2002.  

So why this diary entry?  I need to paint.  I hope I can soon.  Maybe even today.  I bought some great new equipment to help me with composition and color.  Plus, I miss it.  I have a half dozen paintings in my head ready to find canvas.  I just have to do it.  My last really satisfying work was posted Sep 2018.  That's too long. 

Happy new year to everyone.  I hope to see much more of you in 2020. 


  • I finished and submitted 3 paintings to a 12" x 12" fundraising show and sold all 3! All submitted paintings or other art, sculpture, and etc had to take up/fit into a 12 x12 space (12 x12x 12 for 3D art). Each piece would have a price of $144. Half goes to the artist and half to the fundraising. This challenge worked well to get me to be more spontaneous, paint more quickly and not be so exacting. The show is eagerly looked forward to by my local art community and gives all members of the Association time to check in with each other. I do miss having contact with the buyers and wonder if Art Galleries are in any way obligated to let the artist know the buyers' name if asked, does anyone know? 
  • Well I only painted two paintings this year. I was able to complete one to my liking and am pretty happy with it. The other was a large figurative portrait in the style of Sargent. A lot of it came out good, but there are three areas that I still am unhappy with. So I have set it aside until I can attend some classes that will help me paint gold, cool facial colors and roses. I also taught several Foundations in Oil Painting courses this year that went exceptionally well. So overall I had a good year. If I had to characterize it I would say it has been my year of learning. I will be moving from Texas to Fair hope, Alabama this year (2020) but will stay in touch with the forum. The town was originally an artist colony and has a solid art community and is on Mobile Bay, so I should have some great landscape subjects. I am looking forward to a new adventure.
  • Happy New Year. Frogs? I'm trying to get rid of them. well 2019 is gone and I'm still here. That's about all the success I had a right to hope for back in 2018. I still haven't completed a painting nor have a studio set up. When the weather is good I go outside and practice mixing colors trying to match values on the grayscale or making my favorite greens, oranges and ochres . I'm glad the forum has attracted so many newcomers in 2019 and you all have had such wonderful successes in your art even if you  did have some setbacks and interruptions. I look forward to having this forum to come to in 2020. @Boudicca, get a whole fish, wrap it in wet newspaper and leave it next to the pond. That will attract frogs if you don't mind the smell. It's the larvae that come out of the wrapping that attracts the frogs. @tassieguy I admire your courage for jumping into a completely new lifestyle with such a positive outlook. Good luck and I think after you've been rubbing shoulders with your new "townie" friends for a while, that you will be inspired to paint subjects from your new surroundings.
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    Roman, that's a lovely landscape. I like the composition and the colours and brushwork are gorgeous. Nice frame, too. And I love the 'Silence' sketch for the same reasons.  They are beautiful, intimate, little landscapes that I would love to hang in my house. :)
  • Hopefully all the troubles are over, Roman. your landscapes are beautiful  :)
  • Your landscapes are so lovely.  Makes me wish I could be there looking at that scene in person.
  • Both those landscapes are really nice. Hope you get back into painting in 2020.
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    @tassieguy, @ArtGal, @oilpainter1950, @Richard_P thanks for so lovely words, they inspire me, but I still fill myself like a man who try to reach the unreachable stars. Your art is a good example for me. 
  • Best wishes for a better new year.  I look forward to seeing much new work from you, and keeping up with you.
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    @marieb, thank you very much, I wish you great suсcess іn your life and art! @MikeDerby, I am very grateful for you for your attention, you are soul mate for me. In 2019 I wrote 7 poetries and 4 songs and translated in Ukrainian "Besame mucho" and  Rod Stewart 's "I am sailing"... 
  • Best of luck, Roman.  
  • Dear guys, how are you in this harg times? I am finishing large pastel 'The winter of our diskontent' and began oil 'Spring. Way to Heaven'. Good luck! 
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    I look foward to seeing your new work, @roman, to brighten us up.  :)

     This is indeed a hard time. The tragedy unfolding in Europe - especially in Italy and Spain, is just awful. Let's hope spring and summer (our autumn/winter) bring some relief. 
  • Thank you @tassieguy for your responce. Here is my Winter in pastels on paper, 50x70cm.
  • Looks great!  Good composition and atmospheric effect.  It takes a delicate touch to paint with pastels and achieve such a good sense of realism.  
  • Thanks, @GTO. In your words I find support and inspiration. 
  • Looks great, @roman. Anyone who can make pastels work has my admiration. That snow looks awesome. :)
  • 'Winter' slightly improved.
  • I like the clearer sense of presence you brought into a fine composition! such nice looking clean snow as well.
  • @Forgiveness, thank you! Your comments are important for me and I always wait for them. Good luck and great paintings! 
  • @tassieguy, thanks for your interest to my work. 
  • Well that went fast, but it seemed like forever.  What a roller coaster ride it has been. I still have not painted, although I did release an EP and created a bunch of wood projects.  I also managed to retire.  They told us we had to return to the office and I said, "uh, no."  But the studio is still there, all set up with my last unfinished painting at about 90% complete. I hope to finish it and another one before I start on two others. I have to learn how to do HDR to get one of them right.  I think I am actually going to throw away a partial painting simply because it just did not work and I am tired of stressing over it. Its times like these when I understand where abstract art came from. Grin.
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