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Blue Owl - New Finished Painting

Finished this one up today :)

Am happy to hear feedback and your thoughts!

11x14 oil on linen glued to dibond



  • Ohh, almost abstract. I like the way you've painted the feathers. I think this works very well.
  • If course, I like the dark black background.  😀
    It does make the colors stand out.
    I see how you do paint thick.  
    I’m painting on Dibond for the first time, has Holbein oil ground.   
    It makes for an oily feel when painting.  I noticed how mark uses a stiffer brush and sort of uses it to steady his hand.  Can’t really do that on Dibond or panel.  Adding the linen would definitely solve that issue.
  • Love the colours and the texture in the feathers.
  • Thanks all.

    @GTO I haven't tried the holbein oil ground but the one I've tried.. Rublev.. Actually has a very grippy feel to it. The paint sticks right to it. I think in your other thread I shared my thoughts on how to paint more thickly on dibond. I'd try thicker paint and softer brushes. Different ground might be important too. Also tone the ground
  • love that blue hue do you too?
  • @GTO @CJD just read your comments and am interested in how you guys go about thickening your paints? Do you add anything or just use certain brands? I’ve noticed I only get that grippy consistency with certain pigments. I have a hard time painting alla prima, and also have less control, with really oily/buttery paint.
  • @jackbullen. I just add less SDM and I am using softer brushes.  I also use a much lighter stroke when applying the paint.  I am also using more paint but not heavy impasto amounts.  
  • @jackbullen. A couple additional thoughts... i am not, but you could paint in layers, paint on top of a dried layer.  You could also mix your own paint from powder adding less linseed oil and it would cover more.
    i am painting on a middle tone ground and that helps the paint adhere to the panel.  I also used a two inch brush and made a canvas like texture to the ground by running the brush in one direction across the entire panel and then in the other direction making sure to leave a good amount of the previous texture.  This made a bit of a canvas texture.
  • I haven't been adding anything to thicken the paint. I have gamblin, williamsburg and rublev paints and all are good straight from the tube with a drop of oil added. You can use this for thick or thin applications. I don't really use thick paint though compared to artists who really do impastoey type stuff
  • @GTO @CJD okay thank you! It may also be the cheap canvas I’ve been using that is giving me less control. Also, great painting!
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