Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday! We celebrate Christmas, and we all got the stomach bug for it! It was heartbreaking because it was our first year that we were able to host our family Christmas party now that we own a larger house. My daughter woke up at 4am the morning before with projectile vomit all over the hallway. so... that ended that dream promptly. Then the bug took its time making its way through the whole family over the course of the week. Luckily, no one had the worst of it on Christmas morning so the girls were able to enjoy their Christmas. I was the last to get it and am finally feeling better. 
On a good- more related to the forum note, I did pretty well with all of my small works!! So far the gallery has sold 19 small works. 9 of them being Jessica Leonard originals!! That makes me feel so proud. I was their best seller this summer and now again for the small works! Hoping to keep the momentum this summer. After I finish this nightmare of a commission I have been putting off, its back to the equine art. I actually cant wait to get after some high realism again! 


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