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Abstract painting

edited December 2019 in Post Your Paintings
I tried this abstract painting to feel the freedom of expression. Im not sure if it looks any good or pleasing to eyes. I use to think abstract paintings makes no sense but a random workmanship without any thought process. I still have this confusion. Dont get me wrong, I do find lot of abstract paintings out there are cool and interesting.

We rarely see abtract shared in forum. I would like to know your general opinion on abstract paintings and what do you think are the key elements that makes a good abstract painting.



  • CJDCJD -
    edited December 2019
    With all the stamp-like marks my first thought was that this might be a digital painting.

    I like the mark-making and good edges.

    I would like it more if there was more to it - if it was more identifiable as a landscape with slightly more realistic colours, but with the same or similar style of brushwork.

    Something like this by Marc Bohne

    or this by Hester Berry

  • edited December 2019
    I've sometimes wondered whether taking a landscape and reducing it to basic geometric forms and flat colour with thick paint and big brushes would work as abstract painting. No doubt that's been tried before. Marc Bohne tends in that direction.  @sjeyaram, your painting reminds me of Rothko's colour field paintings but with a but more detail than his.  :)
  • Thanks  @CJD and @tassieguy for introducing Marc Bohne. His works are absolute delight to view and study.
  • I tried this seascape in acrylic taking Marc's foot steps. Eager to know your view.

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