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Painting with north facing window?

Hi, I’m brand new to this forum. 
My question: how do I paint in a room with north facing window however there is usually lots of reflected sun light bouncing off of light building next door. Is there anyone to give me any advice on which direction to face? Is it a suitable place to judge colors? 


  • parania

    Welcome to the Forum.

    The whole north light thing is about the most favourable light in the studio for live models. Compared to the other cardinal points north was the most even in temperature and duration. This preference was established when candles, oil lamps and gas fittings were all the go.

    In the circumstances you describe it may be best to apply a diffusing film or light curtain to the window.

    A DMP studio needs to have controlled, quality lighting for the model / photograph / object, the palette, the canvas and the color check position. This can easily be arranged for 24/7 operation using LED lights.

  • LED light would be for the shadow box and the fluorescent 85W 5000 or 5500K for a regular height (8ft ceilings), correct? 
    If 85W are unavailable, would more lightbulbs of lower Watts number work? Maybe it’s a dumb question. 
  • dencaldencal -
    edited December 2019

    The only dumb question is the one not asked.

    I would estimate your current working light level to be 200 lumens.

    LED 5000k is best for shadow box and studio lighting. Cool running, low power consumption, even spectrum emission, long lasting but more expensive.

    Design the lighting to get an even and bright illumination for canvas, palette and color checker.
    Suggest 20000 lumens on the ceiling giving about 800 lumens at 5ft to the center of the canvas.
    Try 1000 lumens in the shadow box and shape the illumination with a dimmer or apertures/filters.

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