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1st Landscape/Seascape in Oil - Update 3

 Above, pencil composition value sketch.

8" x 16" oil on canvas. This is the block in done with washes serving as the under painting, also my 1st landscape in oil. Here I only needed #4 flat & #2 round brushes. I'm really enjoying this and my new painting palette, this is it!


  • It's looking good, @Forgiveness. Are you working from a photo reference for colour?
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    Yes I'm working from a good photo for color and details. At the moment this block in doesn't show much but a very close relation in color and abstract shapes in composition. But the values here as is, are way off, I haven't put in details such as the texture in the rocks and the effect of ocean mist in the the air similar to light fog and indication of houses in the hillside and all of the highlights. All will be better adjusted in my next step.
  • This is really nice.  Look forward to seeing the finish.
  • Really like it. I too want to see the final ptg
  • keep going. The composition is great. You should have duplicated your value sketch and framed the original.
  • Ha, ha, ha I see what you mean and will do so. Thanks!
  • Looking great so far. 
  • This looks great Mark! It looks like the block-in of the land mass in the background took up a bit more of the canvas than in the drawing. I think I like the slightly larger sky space in the drawing. It gives a bit more room for space. But that is a niggling criticism of a painting that is looking really good!
  • This looks very promising. Love the composition. I also like the larger sky space in the drawing, but in the drawing the land mass to the left divides the picture plane in the middle, which doesn't work so well, I think, so I still prefer the composition in the painting. Looking forward to seeing this develop. 
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    Thank you @toneli, good points you brought up here.

     The sky will become spacious again when I work out the correct values in the painting to match the values in the sketch, also more like the photo I'm working from in the studio.

     Looking forward!

  • I just started into the 2nd layer over the under painting. I will be working on this for most of today.

    There were delays in receiving my order of new paint, Schmincke Mussini 103 Titanium Opaque White PW6 PW4. I really like this paint, very white and really quite opaque.
     I will post more at the end of this day, looking forward!
  • Is this PW6 or PW4?
    i take it that is the Munsell color code?
    Purple White value 6 zero chroma?
    Now i am wondering why the value is only 6 and not higher?
    I am also wondering what the Munsell color codes are for the Geneva paints?
  • @GTO This mix has both, it maybe worthwhile googling schmincke.
     I bought this because I paint impasto and needed one that did not yellow so quickly as with my previous couple of tubes and it seems to have very good reviews. 
    Since the time I ordered this, I discovered that I can purchase Old Holland with much more convenience in my area, next time.
  • Very good composition @Forgiveness
    When I first saw it , I thought the photo must have been taken in Ireland. The colours are very like what we see in Irish scenery. 

  • edited December 2019
    Thank you @Hilary! This is 1 of 2 scenes that I have of Monterey Bay, California, I visited in 1984, also my 1st visit to the sea, and so much fun!
    I really must adjust the sky before my next post later this morning. I'm really glad that you like it.
  • edited December 2019

    I am still on my 1st layer here. Many adjustments yet to come, values are off, but the sky is looking good to me at this point. I will begin painting in the water with proper values and the rocks in the foreground. Sorry for the glare, I don't have diffusers needed for the photograph at this time. Brush strokes and color interaction and their relationships are important factors in this piece. Most of this work has been painted with a #4 filbert. Not all of my colors are mixed already, so just a little slow. The paint on the canvas is most often dry within 24 hrs.
  • After posting this I realized a mistake in the pink clouds. As they are, they appear to weigh more than the rocks in the water Lol! This is not a surrealist piece lol! I have carefully scraped it off, now ready to receive new paint, should blend well with what I now have, and making softer lighter clouds. Thank you.
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    New clouds, made the background to appear receded in the scene by adding the appearance of ocean mist that was in the air, added highlights to the tip of the shoreline in the background and adjusted the value of the waters. I now need to complete the water in the immediate foreground and a little more work into the hill on the right.
     I also made a new major decision for this composition which is to eliminate the houses and buildings dotted in the hills in the background. Given that this is a newly created, now a fictional piece apart from the original photo reference anyhow. The name of this place and perhaps the location are not important, but the beauty in this scene that I saw at that moment, as viewed through "the artist's eye" was more important to me. I think this is "the heart of the matter" for this scene for me. I needed to slow down to get to this and I should be finished quite soon.
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