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Dry oil paints

I need advice on how to keep my oil paints from drying out so quickly on my palette (the one from DMP)
I use water mixable oil paint. Only stays wet & workable after a couple days even if I cover to keep some air out


  • Are you using water as the medium? That will dry it fast. My understanding is you can use regular medium (even a slow drying medium), however you will lose the easy cleanup benefits of water mixable paint.  I have some water mixable oil but I use a fast drying medium in it, so I can't help too awful much. I can tell you what doesn't work - "sealed" pallets from the hobby story. I speak from experience on that one =)
  • OH I should add, I was browsing Blick Art the other day and they do have some water mixable oil medium on there... I have no experience with it though.
  • Even relatively slow drying pigments are mostly unusable after 2 days. To keep them usable longer you just have to add a lot of oil to them and make them really oily. Using a very small amount clove oil with walnut and/or stand oil is one option.

    Also depends on your climate. If your studio is warm that will dry them up a lot faster too.
  • Folks

    Water mixable pigments work well with any medium used with normal paint. Don’t use water.
    My SDM mixed stock colour remain workable for two years in small (75ml) snap cap containers.
    My premixed value strings for a particular painting remain workable for six weeks in small (10ml) snap cap containers. Paint directly from the container, no mess, no waste. Paint is always ready, easy to pack away. Use remainders for the inevitable touch up. Use left over to tone the next canvas.

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