Have I missed something?

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Hi everyone, been on the road 80% of the time for the last 5 weeks but have been able to work on this some evenings and on the week ends. It is similar to one that I did previously of her sister, try not to show favors as a grandpa.
As I have noticed that I frequently have blind spots as to what could be different or better when I paint, therefore is there anything regarding this painting that I may have missed? Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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    Hey Rtaeger, very nice work and the face is great as is the folds of the blanket. The left hand proportion seems a bit off. Overall a great job.
  • Very nicely done. Maybe soften your edges a touch on the hand and cuff- other than that - sweeet. Love the texture and handling of the blanket.
  • Infants are especially hard to do, but you've done a beautiful job - really sweet!
  • Having a weakness for babies....I love this painting...the blanket and little one are so cuddly and soft...beautiful painting!
  • my god you have put an ENORmous amount of work into that blanket...and it has really paid off...the texture and mix of white in the baby blue is incredible...the baby's face and right arm and clothes work really well...the left hand isn't working for some reason...even when I stand at a distance ...would have to see photo of original to understand why..

    beautiful work
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    Beautiful, beautiful.

    I agree with the other comments on the hand. The top of the hand appears slightly too flat and not rounded enough. I say slightly because babies this new don't usually have chubby hands yet. The distance from the the second knuckle joints to the wrist looks too long, but that may be because you need more shading definition, not beacause the actual proportion is off.

    The face/head and blanket are exquisite. A reference photo will help me and others to figure the hand thing out. I think it's just a couple of brush strokes away from framing. It really is a beautiful painting ^:)^ and a beautiful granddaughter. Lucky Grandpa! :)
  • Wow, thank you every one for your insightful and appreciative comments. Some of you asked to see the original photo and I have attached it. As you can see I changed the coloring and highlights of the blanket to hopefully make the painting more balanced to ensure her face is the focal point. I did struggle with the left hand as others said the hand did not look "normal" in the picture. Also, I forgot to increase the pixels on my camera when I took this picture therefore when I enlarged the print it was to fuzzy, so I had to do some "estimating" on the hand. Again thanks for your feedback.
  • nowwww it makes sense...as Cin said...the hand is only shades away from accurate..I have done this with taking too small a photo ...what a hard way to paint...I have come back to a painting after 3 years to redo the reference photo and some images...I sincerely doubt you need to do that as it is nearly perfect...
  • I think you did an awesome job on this painting. What a beautiful baby! And the way you got the soft look in the blanket is so well done.
  • Nice painting! It's always tricky to work from a "less than ideal" photo. You did a lot of nice interpretation here and I think you improved it by changing the wrist area and the sleeve cuff. Nice work!
  • Thanks Ronna and opnwyder!
  • Bingo! Go buy a frame. :-) =D>
  • I agree with Ronaa, really very nice expressions and the soft look you could create on the blanket as well as on baby's face! WOW ! Keep it up!
  • Thank you to you as we'll Maz and jcdr!
  • This is a lovely painting.

    Think the blanket should take more of a background role - it's too well painted!.

    Your granddaughter is the star, not the blanket.
  • oh, the more I look in details the more I am fascinated! You have captured the softness of fur of the blanket and the folds on the side-border, wow, very detailed painting!
    Would like to know how you brought this furry effect on the blanket?
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Maz, sorry but did not see your question until this morning. First let me say, thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. I basically got the "furry effect" by first putting down the general color I wanted with a medium size brush. Then I used progressively smaller brushes using light "tapping" strokes. Frequently clean your brushes off, otherwise the strokes start looking muddy. Let me know if this helped or if you find a better method, as I am not really completely satisfied with my results.
  • I truly love everything about this painting....a newborn wrapped in a soft, fuzzy blanket..."love abounds" in this one....congrats on a lovely piece of work ^:)^
  • I too love the soft fuzzy blanket ... cute baby!
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