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Greetings from a Canadian in San Francisco! Check out my unique colour checker..

Hi everyone, I recently started using Mark Carder's method for oil painting and I absolutely love it. I feel like it's really taking my art to the next level in terms of realism. I'm not 100% into oil paints just yet because I find the clean up challenging while living in a small apartment. Does anyone have any tips for managing oil paints with limited space for storage and workspace?

For now, I'm working on learning the colour checking method using a limited palette of titanium white, primary yellow, primary magenta, primary cyan, and primary black in gouache paints. They don't blend like oils but I really like that if I make a mistake in gouache I can just paint over it instead of scraping off old work.

Also, I made my own colour checker loosely based on Mark's, except I work a lot with polymer clay and armature wire so I decided to make mine with that instead! It's not painted black but I still find it works to the effect needed and I like that it clips paper on the painted end so the paper can just be replaced when needed. Also I thought a sea creature would be more fun for a base than I black box so it's shaped like a manatee!

If you want to check me out on instagram I'm @kate.elisab or click the link I love following other artists on there so send me a message or follow and I'll follow back. Thanks <3



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