HI - Sea chart - embellish

aloha team members,...this is not DMP but might be fun to follow, rolling the dice here,..
lthe below is a sea chart I bought and I have aged it with tea leaves / sugar / sand / etc,..( I will not sear or burn until painted and sealed ) 
i will embellish it with some marine sail boats and maybe a whale or two - irs 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep and taped to my new easel,..a wall.
looking for some suggestions and ideas, I would like to paint with Geneva oils and obviously can only prepare the surface with clear gesso,...maybe another media would be best,..
i would give some guidance - I want to retain the islands and the text, so painting real estate is limited 
ideas / ref photo very welcome 
inspired by other artists that do this type of work; but not with the aging of the map,..

this is is for one of my walls - went  of the koi fish,..,



  • What a great idea!!!!    I used to decoupage so definitely burn the edges but I don't know that I would wait on that....  I think I would burn first (making sure it doesn't get away from you and get into something you painted).  

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    What about a compass rose?
    I love those old faces in a cloud indicating wind direction.

  • Update - A complete failure, I bought a nice Hawaiian style stencil of a shoal of fish, and the plan was to boarder the chart with fish, long story but it torn the map beyond repair,...argh!... moving on and on

  • I would first use a smooth surface to work on. Burn before you seal. I use a candle under the back side to scorch but you have to be quick and very careful . I use a cigar for edges. Acrylic paints and a dry-brush technique may be a better choice for this kind of paper. I would make my embellishments according to a period (square riggers, WWII, China Clipper)  or a theme (surfing, pineapples, hula dance).
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