Saving comments

I see a lot of general advice/instruction on this forum that I’d like to save. Is there a way to do that?


  • HondoRW

    Use the Bookmark Star on the top right of every post to curate a collection of interest.
    Alternately, copy and paste to a note taking app.
    Using the Search Box is useful. For example a search for the word “obscura” returns 38 posts.
    The Category stored posts listed rhs will narrow in on areas of interest.


  • Just what I needed. Thanks @dencal
  • On another related note. If you want to review your own comments you can click your avatar taking you to your profile page. There on the right is a list of activities including "Comments" choose that and see all your comments. 
    You can click anyone's avatar and get to their comments but their comments are in reverse chronological order recents first and not by subject matter.
    You can also look at yours or other's "Reactions" at the top of the profile page click on like or agree or awesome and you can re-visit those comments too.
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