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Book on Sargent Available on Kindle

“John Sargent” by Evan Charteris is available on Kindle. It is a very good read and gives some insight into his technique and methods, not to mention his interesting life. Written from the point of view of a friend of his in 1926, it gives insight into Sargent’s personality and relationships with fellow artists, including Monet. I highlighted quite a bit of it to refer back to. If you haven’t read it, I’d highly recommend it.


  • Thanks for posting that, @HondoRW. I've been looking for something interesting to read. I buy most of my books on Kindle these days because I'm a long way from a bookstore. I've been wanting to know more about Sargent. I mean, I'm familiar with his work but I know nothing about what his life was like and how his life informed his work. He was a fabulous painter. I just wish he'd done more landscapes. The few he did are beautiful. Perhaps he needed money and so had to paint society portraits. I look forward to learning about that. I'll get the Kindle book tonight.   :)
  • @tassieguy - You won’t be disappointed. I was like you in that I didn’t know much about him either. But the book really gives you some insight into his character and life. It also touches on his choices of subject matter (he actually got sick of portraits after a while) and delves a little into the landscapes. Also tells the story behind his WW1 paintings. I really like being able to highlight and make notes with Kindle. Great for reference. 
  • I've recently read this book, dedicated to his sister, published 1927.
     I love this book. He was quite a humanitarian and a healer.
  • It is on also.  And you can get all sorts of formats for free download.

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