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How to measure portrait from life ?

Hello everyone, After use proportion divider from photos. I realised that isn’t easy when it comes to portraiture because model always move a little bit . I also want to know how Mark paint his portrait work of his client from life ? 

Thank you so much !! 


  • Rungroj

    This link is an overview with links to detailed explanations.

    It is easy to do proportional measurements in a live situation in two ways.

    Sitting comfortably in my arm chair, by holding up a tape measure and sighting the short side dimension of my drawing board it reads 58mm and the actual physical measurement is 580mm. I am sitting some 7 metres distant. So, I know that every sighting of every relative point on that plane will be 1/10th of the real dimension. By using an arithmetic multiple, say 2, I can then reproduce an accurate proportional drawing.
    If I wanted a half scale drawing I could use the 5 multiple, my reading of 58 mm becomes 290 mm, half the actual dimension. I have not seen any other artist use this technique. I call it proportional sighting.

    The second method, I have posted here before and it's an iPad app called Partometer.

    A live model is a beautiful thing in itself, but he/she won't sit still for three days while I take measurements. I now rely on head units or standard proportions of the body, neither of which helps with foreshortening or perspective.

    It is useful to have many techniques in your tool bag as circumstances vary.


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